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Nalini Tranquim
Client Case Study

The Challenge
Nalini is a motivational recording artist with two e-commerce channels, her live events and motivational training courses. The challenge was to uncover her online audiences to ensure her retargeting efforts were effectively up selling her new promotion. Defining effective sales strategies to grow audiences, both on social and off-line was a priority, followed by lowering the acquisition costs while increasing brand awareness.
Our objective was to increase awareness at a lower cost per click and ensure that Nalini’s ClickFunnels were integrated to an extent where cross promotion drove organic sales.
The Solution
Building awareness of events and courses was a necessity to ensure the sustainability to our services. We focused on reducing her audience size while increasing her reach and frequency of all promotions. This initial strategy lead to a 6% increase in conversions. The next phase was to use video predominantly to cultivate new audiences and grow the email subscriber base. We then set about aligning the email automations to upsell new events and courses.
The Results


Increase Brand Awareness
Lower CPC
Better Alligned Campaigns

Focused audience management, lead to a 26% increase in reach.

Reduce CPC by 30% acorss all campaigns

Through improved sales funnel management we effectively increased organic conversions through automated email campaigns

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