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Pitch Box

Client Case Study

The Challenge
To increase website traffic and grow email subscriber base, essentially ensuring TOFU (Top of Funnel) awareness through paid social, social posting, LinkedIn networking. and email marketing.

The Solution
As a first venture into paid social we were starting with a “blank canvass”. We selected a series of educational and visually stimulating examples of Pitch Box’s work to showcase the brand in four target markets Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Canada.

We launched a broad-based promotional strategy to create awareness and used the remaining videos to retarget previous viewers that had engaged with the brand.

Displaying brand messaging over six weeks with no “upsell” allowed us to effectively test country responsiveness and interest. We then redeployed the same strategy to a narrower and more receptive audience offering a free eBook download, again with no “upsell’ our goal was pure brand awareness.
The Results



Increase in website traffic
Increased enquiries
Reduction in CPC

Within the first 60 days

Both through direct email responses and contact requests on social.

Continured focus on audience selection is driving down CPC by 21%

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