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Tannus Airless Tyres

Client Case Study

The Challenge
As a growing ecommerce platform Tannus Airless Tyres needed to drive more traffic to their website. They recognised that social & direct email campaigns could help them achieve the required uplift in traffic.

The challenge was to grow wesbite traffic to a yet defined social audinece. ​ Our objective was to increase social awareness and to grow an opted-in database of email subscribers that we could nurture into future sales.
The Solution
We worked alongside Tannus to grow their subscribers through Paid Social and competition giveaways, with our very first competition growing their subscriber list from 300 to 3500 for <£200. We then had an engaged audience which we could communicate directly to, as well as allowing us to implement retargeting and lookalike audience strategies through Facebook advertising.

Refining and improving our audience targeting in Facebook further allowed us to increase our relevancy, reach and lowered the average cost per click (CPC).
The Results



Lower CPC
Increase in website traffic
Effective targeting has lowered CPC by 27%
>3000 Subscribers added monthly
Combination of social & email campaigns including web traffic >200%
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